Wednesday, June 10, 2009

BasicPathlogy for my reference

Thease are some of the subjects I studied in Pathology.Just for my reference only.
Since I study nursing in Japanse I jot down English for my future reference.
Describe following status:
Iatrogenic disease,
pathogenic organism
classification of diseases
Jaundice(hemolytic, obstructive,hepatic)
Causative disease of pleural effusion(cardiac failure,carcinomatous and tuberculous pleurisy)
Pulmonary embolism(PE)
IHD ischemic heart disease
Primary healing
Metastasis(hematogenous,lymphogenous ,disseminated )
Tumor diagnosis
Cancer treatment
Cancer with poor prognosis
Biological Carninogenic factors
Hashimoto disease
Causative disease of ascites
Diagnosis of colon cancer
Virchow metastasi
Causative disease of DIC
Diagnosis of fatty liver
Pulmonary edema
Squamous cell carcinoma
Schnitzler metastasis
Knuken berg tumor
Shock classifications(Hemorrhagic /Cardiogenic/Endotoxic/Anaphylactic shock)

Pathology exam

Yesterday I sat for Pathology exam. I feel relief to finish it. But one more exam is comming up next week. Geriatric nursing theory. I am a kind of person to write to momorize. But my wrists are painful with tendovaginitis especilly under the rainy weather. Meteological agency announced Metropolitan area are in the rainy front. It means the rainy season has started and my hands are aching for a month. Funny, I now can understand the patients feelings or the eldery complain about their arthritis pain. My joints are aching, too, in wet season. The best treatment is not use hands. But how can I do without using hands!?