Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mom's Friend

Today my friend told me that she and her family will move to the new house. She is my neighbor and our children get along well and often they play together. My little E follow the neighbor kid as if they are sisters. They both are the only kid to the families. As for me, it is still hard for me to find the good friend and create close bond among moms but my neighbor is very open-minded, honest and friendly. Beside, we both used to work in travel industry and have so much in common. We share the similar sense of value as well. We are in the same age range.She is the rare person I can open up my heart to talk about and she has always good listenership. It was a little sad to hear that the whole family will move to another town for good. But I am happy for her,too. But on the other side, I will miss her for sure to share good laughter and our dream holidays. In Japanese one proverb says, " One chance, one meeting" or"Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur." This shows my feeling at the moment. How short life is! Yes, I should never take it for granted. Thanks to my friend and share such good and bad times. All the best for her!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My health promotion

Recently I feel I gained weight. Actually I did. I am stressed out and I ate.
This week I tried new program called "Zumba". I watched the TV commercial of the "Zumba" video but I am not the person to follow the VTR. I am live music type. I get excited and I love myself most while I am exercising because I feel I have my own time to enjoy myself and I am able to keep the high self respect there.
Anyway, Zumba is more like Latin Aerobics class and much faster the movements but I was OK to follow the class. I had a good time for sure. I should do more exercise rather than just being still and thinking something negative. I can be more positive and feel better in this way!

Mask !Panic buying!?

These days I spent quite a bit of time to do several homework. The pharmacology teacher gave us English to Japanese translation of one of WHO website regarding Swine flu. I enjoys doing it. As you know, Japan has over 200 patients. It seems slowing down the epidemic in Japan. Believe or not, there is no disposable masks on the shelves in stores. Some of my friends working in medical fields are suffering, because no more stock even in hospitals.Luckily, I bought some this spring while pollenosis or hey fever season to reduce allergic reactions. I even bought some boxes from my daughter's school. This phenomena reminds me of the time of " Oil shock" in 70's. I was only four or five years old then, I lined up que for a supermarket cashier to buy some toilet rolls and packets of sugar. That time some rumors like " No more toilet rolls on the shelves!" made us panic buying. This mask incident seems so much alike to me. Maybe I am wrong. But funny I rarely see passengers on commuter trains wear masks. Hummm.....

Saturday, May 16, 2009


The capping ceremony has just finished. We sang "Nightingale song" and the "Nightingale pledge" standing with a lamp on hand. Somehow I felt OK in the day. But thesedays my feeling is a little sagging. Just feel so dry on anything. I want to feel much more happy in any sense but seems a bit tough for me. Strange feeling...seems helpless on my feeling. I hoped I may feel better by writing in English because when I speak in English I feel so free and free from the stress to follow the same as others like what they expect me to be a Japanese like Japanese.
Lord, show me the way how to make myself happier. I feel so useless in myself. I need help in somehow. Someone who can really share my deep down... like you. I thought I can feel happy by giving but sometimes it does not work. What I can do is...kneele down myself before you and just listen till you give me a word. Somewhat uplifting!