Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Radiation Leakage

Nuclear power plan in Fukushima,my home town, leaks radio active substance to the air. The government warns that the people in 30km radious need to evacuate the area.
I watched the TV weatherforecast and tomorrow it will rain.
I got an email from my friend in fukushima,she distributed blankets to those evacuated from Soma-city where Tsunami took away thousands of people. My friend is a high school teacher, but she helped giving out rations and stuffs since evacuees staying in her school. Now She is on the way home under the rain.
As you may be aware, the first rain after the nuclear power plant accident is the most contaminated with radiation like Chelnobyle. I am still worrysome. She mailed me that there is no gas and no lights on the streets. Just walk to home under the rain. Lord, please help good people like her.
Today I watched a nurse straggling to care for the elderlies in the shelter. It was obvious she has's sleep. Those in the situation had sleepless night with work. I wish I can join them. I hope at least road blockage in here and there are cleared so that goods and food can reach to the people. I really feel helplesss. Lord, please help us!

Earth Quake, Tsunami and aftermath

Scary Quake hit the easten Japan last Friday. I was in the classroom to sit for a doctor lecturing on the 4th floor of school building. Though I am quite used to quake but this quake is really long and big. Like roller coaster ride shake, as you know Magnitude was 9.0 revised yesterday.
My home town is Fukushima,and as you may know it holds the two biggest nuclear plants in the prefecture. My mom is still living there, running a small Japanese restaurant. Luckily she still survives, she is staying just next to the prefecture office but the office building can not bare with this big quake so that main operation has moved to the new building next to mom's restaurant.
I could't get through till last night, I finally talked to my mom on the phone. But I was able to exchange text messages on the day of the quake and I confirmed she's fine.
Last December I went home and visited my friend in Sendai by local train. I passed some of the points where this quake hit. I still cannot believe that these cities taken away by devasted Tsunami.
Friday was the day and I could not go home since all the train stopped and stations were closed. It was sort of emergency case. But people on the street didn't know what to do, and some of my friends walked through the night to get home. It was dark and chilly night. The power supply was stopped and even traffic lights were not working and police were here and there to clear the congestion. However, traffic accidents occured and my husband saw that some gave CPR on the spot. Everyone tried to get on buses and roads were choatic. Now even not much gas to buy.
I was lucky I was able to get through to Ellen(daugher)'s daycare from payphone.
Since the daycare is a part of civil service, the phone line wasn't cut off.
Right after I confirmed Ellen is OK, I decided to stay in my school. Nobody negociated but I would if I needed to. There were several students and teachers who did not have any means to go home. The school provide a room to stay and we had 4 folding chairs to lie down with a blunkets. I thank God for the safe and peaceful night I had.