Monday, August 31, 2009

Start over!

The class has started with an exam.
This is imcomprehensible biochemistry. Till the end of the class, I comprehend none of the words. Can you believe this? I am a Japanese and Japanese is my first language and the class was conducted by sololy in Japanese. But the instructor just read the textbook aloud. It seems like we are sitting for a corresponding course, even I asked for some other book for reference the instructor told that the textbook is the best book ever. "Huh?" Since then, I spent half of the summer vacation to follow and study a guide book with simple explanations. But I do not think I learned a lot. Some of my classmates told me that if this is a private short qualification course, many of the students would ask for refunds. I think it is true. Besides, our course is four year course and the national exam is still 2 and half year away and the tuition is only USD 150 per month. Probably we can not ask too much. But I still feel so unfair. Other nursing students in Japan may have better instructors and have better marks and we all will sit for the same national exam. Wow, I started with complaint. I should be more positive!

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