Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ginger Bread House!?

Yesterday, my husband D, daughter E and I went to IKEA for Christmas shopping.
We spent almost all day there.
(IKEA there is a lot bigger than one in Hong Kong.
It takes at least 3 hrs to come to the exit with crowds)
What I wanted to buy was Christmas cookies and Ginger Bread House kit to build our own and decolate it. Since I saw the real Ginger Bread House at a convent last Christmas with E, I really wanted to try to make one. I found the one on a news paper inserts last week. I pinned it on the bathroom wall to see it everday since then.
E and I had been looking forward to buying one.
So...we were so happy to buy one.
But after a long day for shopping with crowds and
warmth in the shop, I hardly had energy to do anything.
But...E demanded to build and decorate the house
rightaway. I know she is only 5, it is only natural
to feel so.
As for me, I was exhausted then after finishing a report for online studying
the night before and I felt sleepless.
But again, I started to make her feel happy.
E kept touching icing and lick her fingers each time she put some chocolote balls,
I now can understand it is natural for her to taste suger and eat some chocolate for decoration.
However, I could not stand it .
I grumbled and scolded her.
E had tears in her eyes and said, " Yes, no more licking" and
then next moment her fingers were in her mouth.
I know no one can stop her and What's wrong with licking tasty icing?
I felt so bad after I scolded her and raised my voice.
But she still smiles and said that
" Can't help it. It was only first time to build the house"
I know the roof was cracked and the wall was torn. Icing was dropping...
I felt so crancy so I let it out on E...
I love you, E. Please forgive me. I don't care what other Japanse thinks of me,
I simply want to hug you and kiss you, 'cos I love you!


Jas said...

Thank you for inviting me your blog.
I really felt your love to your family while I was reading.

Please take care and I am looking forward to continuing my visit here.

Heather said...

You are brave to make a gingerbread house! I have always been too intimidated to try. Yours is soooo cute! Thanks for visiting my blog, and good luck in school!

maggie said...

Thanx Jas and Heather. I thought nobody sees my blog. I've just tried to log down my daily life here. But your comments are so encouraging me.
Thank you again.
Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday there.

Tannasee said...

you are too cute. I love your stories. Don't ever be afraid to try anything. You have a great love for your family. Enjoy the holiday's they are the best time of the year.