Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanks for visiting!

Thanx for visiting my blog.
My name is Maggie and I've started studying nursing 2008 spring in Japan.
The coming week my class has a nursing skill check.
I did my best to practice my skill, but I still need more time to ensure my skill.
Anyway, Japan has 3 consecutive holiday and today is so called "Labor Thanksgiving Day".
I enjoyed running and sunbathing with a 5 yr old daughter, spent almost half day in a park nearby.
I love playing with kids . Today I chatted 8 yr old kids strangers in a park, the kids seemed enjoyed being with me. E(mydaughter) seemed to enjoy being accompany with them. E is a only child.
E does not have siblings but I do hope she will take advantage of any chance to socialize with other children and learn a lot like children with brothers and sisters.
I wonder how this blog will be, I am a busy , ordinary, early 40's woman with full of curiosity.
I do hope this will produce positive and hopeful links to people.


Sarrah said...

Hi Maggie,

I wanted to say hello to you and it was nice to see that you had decided to follow my blog.


maggie said...

Thanks Sarrah! How nice you are.
Hope we can exchange our views more!

Heather said...

What nationality are you? Do you speak japanese? Good luck! Heather

maggie said...

Thanks Heather. Sorry I didn't notice you kindly wrote a comment on my blog.
I am Japanese and I was brought up in Japan lived in Japan till 22 years old. Then I went to Hong Kong to work there as a flight attendant for nearly ten yrs( in 90's).Then I used to work as a secretary, English teacher,translator,and interpretor(believe or not).
I enjoy visiting your blog, too.