Thursday, January 1, 2009

Osechi or New Year dishes

Today is the new year day. Our family supposed to be mouning this new year according to the tradition but noone ever cares such tradition within us. We'd rather get together to warm the house especially for the in-law-mom who's been weary lately.
I brought some home made new year dishes. But seemed all men (my husband & his brother) did not care about traditional food. Like any man, they love reading papers?
We've got some gift from American Japanese friend of belated in-law-dad,Ted.
I like Ted and it was a great loss to everybody in our family and friends.
Ted worked for an American companes(incl. U.S. army) for a long time and spoke beatiful English and a hardworking engineer. He loved Jazz so we sent him with Jazz playing while the ceremony. (This was also not traditional way to send someone off).He was so lovable, warm and had a sense of humor always. He gave me a chance to get into the nursing world. The last 5yrs with him Ted taught me a lot to think about my life and carrer in different prospects as I had before.
I am so grateful to get involoved with him and his family to lead me to nursing path.


Mandy said...

Happy New Year Maggie!

Tomoe said...

Maggie-san, Thank you for letting me have your lovely blog. It will be fun to read your stories and share our thoughts. In the meantime, please bear with my never-good-enough English:) t xx

maggie said...

Wow! What a nice new year gift I got at the begining of the new year! Thaks Mandy and Tomoe! Surely your comments will bring a new and fresh start of 2009!