Friday, December 25, 2009

Santa Came !?

Merry Christmas to you! Today was the last class at school and the last exam in this semester finally over! Yay!
And today we have two guests to cheer our home, young charming little lady of my daughter's classmate and her wise and hardworking mom. We had a tiny little dinner party. I cooked garlic and ginger marinated grilled chicken wings. I simply did't do much work besides house cleaning so I bought assorted Sushi and sponge cake to decolate with fresh cream and fruits. I just wanted to let the kids decolate to have fun! I missed taking photos! because...I was busy chatting with my friend. Sometimes working moms need to chill out and release our stress, yes surely we need. The more I know the person, the more interesting and attractive sides of the person I discover. I certainly had good time.
My dauther E said" I had the best Christmas ever! Because my friend visited me and play together". It's so right to me and this event may brought us the true meaning of Christmas(brought peaceful feeling after emotional turmoil with family loss) rather than much more commercializing and glittering Christmas.
E got a beautiful big popup book from Santa this morning. Santa cares that E might be leftoutin her class if Santa did not come on the night before Christmas(24th)because kids surely breaking the day with talking about present they found this morning.
To my understanding Santa comes on the 25th night, Christmas day, and keep the box under the tree and open it on the 26th. That's why we call 26th as "Boxing day", am I right about it ? But it seems the majority except E planned to have the present on the 24th night. So...our Santa has come one day earlier than I expected. E asked Santa for Nintendo DS(computer game) and She drew picture and words for Santa on a piece of paper. But this morning E found the book besides her pillow and screamed
" Santa knew what I want! I wanted to buy this book in London this spring but the bookshop did not have any copie. I am so Happy!"
Santa is so happy too and relaxed now! But my heart was pounding when E was asking me a question while having breakfast, What about kids in Afganistan and Iraq ? Did they get any present? Did Santa come to them?" I lost words for a while and said " The kids there might not have chance to have meal like us peacefully. They may always feel scared of bombing. Do you understand?" Then, we had silence for a while and E's eyes told that she was thinking something. I hope she did and I hope she will realize and found the happiness in people by doing something for others not buying stuff to get selfsatisfuction.
Merry Christmas to all and peace to be with you. Maggie

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Nursapalooza said...

In America we open presents on 25th (Santa comes during the night before the 25th). But some people on east coast open Christmas Eve.

And your chicken sounds sooo yummy, and what a wonderful day you had. The decorating sounded very fun!

And Happy New Year to you, and a great school semester.