Friday, January 22, 2010

I can only do so much!

Today I attended nursery's parent meeting. Since daughter E is going to graduate this spring, parents organize farewell party to show respect and gratitude. I am a party group member and my group communicate well and no one had an hard feeling so far. But the other group to make graduation writing booklets seems to face the communication deadlock. One is so dominant and made a decision based on her feeling and mood, not majority's opinion and logics. There is no sense of cost effectiveness and time frame concious. So that my friend really had a hard time and frustrations. I am not in that group and member but I could not just overlook the problem and one person suffers from the pressure of the task. Actually I found today my friend is the only person to coordinate the writings and negociate with printing company. She wanted to communicate directly to the company but one of the parent wants to be a middle man to talk (but nothing )to the sales rep. She may have some undertable or briberies. And my friend is sick and tired of going through the middle man and sales rep channel to communicate with a printer in charge. What a heck! Everyone has own job to earn money and suppose the parents are volunteer to help each other but not in reality often. Politics move the world around not financial priority or economical reasons. The class has budget and more than half of it goes to the printer just only dominant mom. The printer was not selected democratic way, is this 21century's decision making process? Besides, only 210yen per person, what can we eat for the party? Not even afford for 150yen a bottle of tea or juice and no snack?
Suppose the writings should be the icon of showing our gratitude to the teachers and each family will receive the proper photo album with pictures besides the writings. There are so mamy wonders still exsists in this world.

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