Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kidzania Tokyo

This week I took my daughter for Kidzania Tokyo to join my friends from Hong Kong.
My daughter E really had fun there. She tried a flight attendant(this reminds me of Jetblue guy to me, though!), pizza cook and several other jobs. This time is the second time for us to go there, but this time we didn't lined up for a long time( last time we lined up for more than 2hrs for a job and ended up experience for only two jobs for USD 80!). The difference is they organize well and prepared the booking card to fill in and kids can try less popular jobs while waiting for popular jobs like flight attendant. As for me, half day session is enough but my friends from Hong Kong spent whole day there. Kids never get tired when they have fun time.
On the way back home, I asked my daughter E what was the best event of that day.
She answered that she played with Cherry(from Hong Kong) in a restaurant while having supper.Now E wants to learn English to talk to Cherry. What a good experience!

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