Friday, August 13, 2010


Last 5 months I was busy(I guess any nursing students are!)and hardly have time to sit for blogging. Some of my friends tried to catch up with me in this blog, so I decided to try write a few words as a new start.
Last week I attended "schooling " of a corresponding course. I took two subjects, one in the morning and afternoon. The morning class was so exciting to me, because I felt so happy about the class and I fitted in there so well. The class was about intercultural communication and the teacher planned and facilitated the class so well that many of the students( actually many of them are teachers)were so free to speak up and discussion was so fruitful. I find that I still have life to live and I feel so free to be myself in English speaking backgrond. In the nursing school, I tend to conceal my outgoing character to get along with others. The school is so Japanese that I can hardly raise my hand and ask questions like I used to be. I have been a little suffocated. I understand that the school is the school should be, and the rigid social norms are there. But after attend the "schooling" last week, I regain the energy to live up, though I get my tonsill swollen by commuting 2hours morning and night each in the packed train. Besides, this summer in Japan is really hot. I need a little rest both for body and mind. I hope I can start freshly for the next semester !

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