Thursday, March 5, 2009

Something to look forward to!

Somehow the final exam in this term has ended ! Yeah! I will have nearly 2 wk spring holiday virtually no study at school. I spent most of my time at school to brush up my technical skills during summer vacation. I never had a feeling so free so far. Probably any nursing students in the world feel the same. And even during the nursing practice at hospital, seems none of us had enough sleep and I was not the exception. This October I will have 3 week on line practice at a hospital. I am so afraid that I can continue with not enough sleep for 3 weeks. I better not think about anything like this it's useless.
Right now my best mind shifting is thinking of going to London to attend my best friend's marriage registry(not wedding!) via Hong Kong. I will take my daughter with me. While staying Hong Kong, I am planning to see my ex-colleagues whose have children there.
Another thing is I want to try Chinese sweet with good reputation among the local.
I can not wait to go! Before that, I have to take care of my daughter and myself since the flu restarts prevailing recently.


KLS said...

Enjoy your break, you deserve it!

Drofen said...

I am jealous of your break. We have a one week spring break after next week. But our teachers think that we should not have the break, and have piled on double work for next week, and many exams the week after break.

Heather said...

Hi Maggie, it's nice to see that you blogged! That's not actually MY concept map. Mine is just full of a bunch of colored rectangles. But they are hell to make! Soooo dang time consuming. I have one more to make, and it will be my LAST one!

You enjoy every minute of your break, you deserve it!