Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One after another

It's been nearly two months since last time I posted here.
January, I had clinical practicum,then submitted reports. Then term end exam lasted till today. I learned a lot in the hospital. Just happened to have many opportunities to care for the patient. Taking Vital signs and using Pulseoximeter to check SPO2 etc. My patience was old and had hypostatic pneumonia,cellulitis,rheumatism,and NBM.I was so scared to stretch the paticent's bent arm to take BP because of the pain complaint.The last day I had changed dipers all in the morning three times. From that morning finally the patient had bowel movement stared and had diarrhea with blood after 14days of no movement. The patience was lonely, skinny, bony person. What I was able to do was just listen. When I touched him in every occasion, I did it with tender loving feeling towards the patient. Seemed lonely person had rare visitors.
The patient conditions changed everyday and the last day was the worst conditions with low oxygen level( applied O2) with high fever. I just felt so attached. Even at home while writing care plan, I could not help thinking of.
What I learned there most is, I now have confident that the way I chose in last year to be a nurse was correct and I am in a right path. I love patients. I love to learn more to help patients professionally.


Mandy said...

Sounds to me that you're in the right line of work Maggie. Your show of compassion towards an ill patient just proves that you have what it takes to be a good nurse. :)

maggie said...

ow wonderful you accepted that way.To tell you the truth, I was at the edge of my feeling before starting the practicum. I just had hard time copying with team member with different prospects and way of thinking. Some regard things to be so right or wrong, but to me there is always gray areain anythings and I do not think you need to be right about. Sometimes nasty people overtook my feeling. But on line, I found that somebody needs me and I was able to feel I can do something for somebody rather than I focus on my sagging feeling. Your commment makes me to live up for another day in positive !

Drofen said...

I agree Maggie, you sound like you are going to be a great nurse. So much compassion!