Friday, April 17, 2009

Delicacy in Hong Kong

Yum!Yum! Yummy!
I wanted to buy more Jenny bakery's Cookies especially Pineapple cakes. The last day in Hong Kong, we woke up so late and rushed into the Bakery. Luckily we were able to buy pineapple cakes. This is so good! E and I could not wait to open the can at home, so I opened it on board on the way back. We almost finished it and left only 3 pcs. I should have bought more. The cake does not last more than a week, so the bakery does not bake much. Next time I want to buy more. Even a can of "8 mix" with nuts cookies was tasty.
I compared the egg tart from a shop in New territory and famous Tai Chong Bakery.
Tai Chong is so good. As Chris Patten (the last HK Governor) said " the best egg tart ever in Hong Kong". Though we stayed very near to the milk pudding shop where I was dying to go, not much time to go there. I dare not to leave E in the room to go there after she fell in a sleep. But we enjoyed every food. E enjoyed Yam cha or Dim sum with her friend. I enjoy food with good companies better than good food itself.
Again, Thanks you all to my friends to help me there.

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