Friday, April 17, 2009

London tastes good!?

We only stayed London for 4 days. Since we had hard time adjusting our body to the local time, we skipped several meals. Till this trip, I always had hard time to find good food, but this time was a bit different. My friends introduced some good food places. My friend took me to a "Waffle house", I happyliy finished a whole plate with banana and chocolate and E ate a plain fully. The place was 45 mins drive from central London and facing to the beautiful park. It was sunny day! So fortunate!
I've never experienced sunny days in London, that was my first luck I ever had there.E even enjoyed picking flowers.
E made friends with a ballet student from Japan, and she took us to a nice pub where serves good Italian food. I should stop talking about food. Should change to nursing!

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