Friday, April 17, 2009

Travel or trouble?

Looking back Hong Kong London trip, My daughter E and I spent 6 days flying out of 10 days. I really wanted to spend the time with my friends and their kids. We both enjoyed every moment. Thanks to my frends, to feed my E, because E seemed lost appetite once the place changed. She ate when she felt secure and safe with kids in the same age range. Withour my friends help, we ended up with very bad shape in London. Luckily, E did not get sick throughout the trip.
At my friend's wedding registry, E did not behaive herself and I could not control her. She certainly felt uneasiness and insecured at her first place, besides I was a witness and an makeshift interpretor throughout the day. E pushed me to keep her seat right next to the bride where I supposed to sit. The supervisor suggested me to take that seat but E was so stubburn and kept her seat right next to the bride. When it came to the signing as the witness, again E took my seat of the desk I supposed to sit. I felt so embarrased. But the people in the room was so generous to us and kept smiling warmly. Instead of my feeling, my best friend appreciated E. E is just 5 years but a little girl can break the ice to start the conversation among the strangers or first time in-law meeting. Lord, thank you for helping me!

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