Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mask !Panic buying!?

These days I spent quite a bit of time to do several homework. The pharmacology teacher gave us English to Japanese translation of one of WHO website regarding Swine flu. I enjoys doing it. As you know, Japan has over 200 patients. It seems slowing down the epidemic in Japan. Believe or not, there is no disposable masks on the shelves in stores. Some of my friends working in medical fields are suffering, because no more stock even in hospitals.Luckily, I bought some this spring while pollenosis or hey fever season to reduce allergic reactions. I even bought some boxes from my daughter's school. This phenomena reminds me of the time of " Oil shock" in 70's. I was only four or five years old then, I lined up que for a supermarket cashier to buy some toilet rolls and packets of sugar. That time some rumors like " No more toilet rolls on the shelves!" made us panic buying. This mask incident seems so much alike to me. Maybe I am wrong. But funny I rarely see passengers on commuter trains wear masks. Hummm.....

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