Sunday, February 14, 2010

My first diaper cakes

Today I attended my friend's gathering. My classmate in an airline induction will have a baby this spring. Though this wasn't formal wedding or baby shower,I wanted her party very special. Last night I made my first diaper cakes. I surfed web sites and I found quite a few websites showing how to make diaper cakes. In Japan, not many know about diaper cakes so some even make the profit out of selling them on the websites. But I thought making them by myself isn't difficult. I found it's fun, special and heartwarming, even inexpensive rather than buying one. I spent US$100 including some decorations for making two of those.
I wasn't sure how the people would react when they see my diaper cakes, because I wasn't able to prepare as much as I planned. My daughter E had high fever with vomiting since Friday night. I didn't have much decoration stuff, I made them while E was in bed to rest and I wasn't able to go out for decoration shopping. But I gave it try. Unexpectedly, many of my friends appreciated the diaper cakes(Most of them are moms).They even told me that they want to try making it when I showed these two. So happy to see their positive reactions!! It is always worrisome whenever you try out something new, but it's worth trying today's stuff.
Besides diaper cakes, it was such a joyful gathering which is so rare to attend these days.The majority of today's attendees are ex-airline crew who shared good time and hard time together in Hong Kong in the 90's. We appreciated today's gathering more than anything, after many of us heard the sad news of adorable Japanese colleagues in the late 30's and 40's departed by cancer last 10 year continueously. It is too early to go... And lately we are so busy and we almost contacted each other only notifying the sad news to share and not many chances to enjoy recreation like throwing a party like today.
Lord, thank you for your blessing. Please show me the right way to go.Thank you for letting me feel and appreciate things happening on me. Please guide me where I should go. I know you have planned to use me to change the world, but I still do not know how.


shaken_not_stirred said...

I love your diaper cakes! Good luck with the rest of your semester.


maggie said...

Thanks for you comments! I believe diaper cakes are so popular in the States, but not here. Today I've finished all the exam in this semester. All I have to do is finish writing a geriatric nursing process by the day after tomorrow. I
Good luck on your study!

Nursapalooza said...

Hi Maggie, just wanted to let you know that those two diaper cakes are sooooo cute! I can't believe you did it all by yourself! I want to try making one, but no one is having a baby.

Hang in there with nursing school. It is so hard, but you can do it!

God bless you!

maggie said...

Oh, thanks ! I hardly have time lately. My end term exams has just finished and tomorrow is the last day in this term. And we are going to move out to the new place. Your encouragement is so powerful! Thank you!

Nursapalooza said...

thanks for your prayers, I appreciate.