Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chill out!

Yesterday I had an exam of Maternity nursing. But the results I know before the paper return, it was not good. Even multiple choice, there are so many misspelling and wrong word usage which the teacher meant to be right. None of our class said it was satisfactory. Anyway, so far I really haven't had any time for myself. This morning my shoulder hurts,my face swollen and didn't have feeling of having good sleep. So I decided to go for Aerobics class. I haven't exercese for last three month, simply no time like other nursing students. What a nice feeling after sweating a lot with music! The music played in the class was my favorite and my time's music. Olivia Newtonjohon etc. I was even singing and dancing. As a Japanese I look like a crazy woman. But I really don't care. I was in the studio for myself to feel good, besides the music was so loud and others could'nt hear me. Well, but my hip joints hurt and I often slow down the movement. I really did not admit my cells are aging. But...face the reality!

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