Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My new neighbor

A week ago, new neighbour moved in to the room next to mine. My daughter E was so excited because the neighbor have two young boys. She was dying to play with but so far we did not match the timing. Today we have great present which you now see in the picture. The neighbor's husband is a pastry chef who is teaching bakers. We got three flavors of rusk or sweetend melba toasts(caramel, milk and bitter chocolate) and Chocholate bread(picture) and some pastries. When my neighbor came, it was almost 8 o'clock and E supposed to get ready for bed but instead tasting bits and pieces. It was irresistable even for the adults. I never had such a wonderful bread and pastries. I once in the service industry and tried first class food and hotel meals but I was surprised for the bread I got tonight. In my area, it is pretty famous for tough competition among cake shops and bakeries. I hope the neighbor will success on the business and I think he will!

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