Friday, January 22, 2010

PRK operation

I had PRK(Photorefractive Keratectomy)opearation two weeks ago. My vision is regaining and every morning I wake up I have wonderful feeling of no glasses. I had been thinking of having the operation for quite sometimes. Since I was in an airline, I suffered from dry eyes, pain, infection, and migrain. So far I have no headache or migrain since the operation. I still have problem seeing near but it has been getting day by day. I have no regret to have the operation. Using contact lense for more than 20 years, I know I am not able to fit for contacts anymore and my dry eyes get worse for sure. The reason I chose PRK is I do not need to make a flap with cornea and I am able to take cataract lense operation. Besides, I like my doctor best and he answered all my questions I asked and the explanation was reasonable. I love his philosophie towards medicine( he did this PRK operation to 10 familiy members before he started practicing following his doctor-family philosophy.


Nursapalooza said...

How exciting Maggie! I have been trying to work up the courage to get this. My eyes keep getting worse and worse. But I'm soo scared that something will go wrong, and ruin my sight forever! Can they fix far and near vision problems? I wear glasses EVERY day.
Thanks for your kindness and encouragment on my site.

maggie said...

Wow! Great! I really didn't expect any comments. So far my friends in Japan peep my site sometimes but they have not much time to write in English. Even for me writing in English is still a challenge. My vision is getting better. I used to have problem both near and far with glasses and contacts. I had severe dry eyes after over 20yrs of using contacts I recommended three doctors not to wear them anymore because the quite many eye cells died. As for near vision, after consulting the doctor, I decided to make my vision 150/120 so called mono-vision to fit for near and far. I was scared to get the operation as well. But before that I told myself what else do I lost after I lost many and I am lucky to live over 40 years and I did what I wanted and the best I get to deserve to my efforts, even if I may have problem with the operation, I have not much regret.
And now I have no regret to get it. This was the real experience of boosting "Quality of Life" like we often told to think for patients.

A NURSE said...
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A NURSE said...
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