Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Be specific!

I've been practicing my skills for nearly two month, 'cos our class will have evaluation on next week. This time we will have bed bath.
Anyway, today I practiced with one of my classmates but her comment was not good enough
to reach her message. I simply do not like " It was not good" or "bad" or even "Good".
What I really want to know is more specific information where I need to improve.
In general, not many Japanese are familiar with giving the specific feed back and almost make it habit to start with some negative and vague comments.
The otherday in the class, someone made a comment on a group performance, but even a
teacher did not give any advice how to give feed back.
I wish many of our class can have chance to learn how to give feedback.
Be specific! I don't care if my skill is good or not, but I need to know where and
which part I should improve! Oh, well, maybe I demand too much,then?


Mandy said...

I completely understand your frustration regarding the vague feedback. In order to improve the areas we may be lagging in, a clear cut answer is all we want. Keep trying Maggie!

maggie said...

Thanx Mandy! You made me feel better.
In terms of Japanese value, I may be too aggressive. Being vague is virture in Japanese sociaty. So I am often one of the very few students who asks questions and giving feedback. I believe teachers have the rights to tell how to give feedback. I learned how to give feedback specifically and politely when I was taking an instructor course in service industory in Hong Kong. I guess that the teachers know how to teach and giving the directions to share feedback. I try my best to not be so conspicuios in the class because of the peer pressure!? Well... deep inside myself, I really do not care.(he, he, he) But surely comments from you gave me a courage!