Saturday, December 20, 2008


Finally last practical test was over on Friday! Yay!
The result was unknown yet, but at least I feel relieved.
The next week is less stressful than before.
Today some of us had drinking party. It was so much fun!
I was so talkative and we had good laughters.
Ladies love to talk about relationship.
So do I. Everyone else except me is single but my love
life is dead anyway. My passion for love or romance has gone somewhere
but I am not so sad. I enjoy peaceful and stable life
in my emotional side. But funny part was everyone was so nosy about my
love life before my marriage. I wish I could have told exciting story to
entertain my friends... Anyway, I had a good time. My social life is back!
Yes! Finally after 5 years absence of such fun time.

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