Saturday, December 6, 2008

Non butter cake

Thesedays I enjoy making cake with no butter.
Baking is easiest way to chill out .
When I stress out I want to go out for aerobics
but no time. So...Baking is easiest way for me to shift
my mind. Plus my daughter E enjoys eating.
She loves butter but I don't want her to over eat fatty
products. I've read that some companies use a chemical stuff to extracting butter from milk and a chemical stuff often remains
in the butter. I got scared since then.
Besides E has asthma and allegic to some artificial colors.
I try my best to give her safe food and I have fun at the same time.
I actually emotionally involoved and felt down after dissection tour in a hospital.
It reminded me of my late and only brother. Too bad I still can not get over it.
Anyway...These cakes are Chololate and banana cake and Square cake with apricot.
Both tastes good for me. The recipes were made by a public health nurse.


Heather said...

wow, you are so creative! Baking without butter sounds difficult. I love butter. Ah well. You sound like you are having fun. I need to exercise today, so I will! Have a fun Saturday.

Tannasee said...

No Butter that is pretty good. I subsribe to a website called hungry girl. they give great tips on stuff. I know dyes are a concern for your daughter so tey this, I got a recipe to use a chocolate cake mix and one can of pumpkin mix and about 1/3 cup of water. or you use a cake mix and add I thing 1/3 cup of oil(i use olive oil) it makes the consistancy of cookies. I think duncan heinz or betty crocker has the recipe. I love cooking. I was raised on home cooking. You actually gave me a great idea I am going to post recipesfrommy childhood. Very old ones that were handed down. Hope you will enjoy.

Tiffany said...

Welcome! And thanks for stopping by!

I lived in Yokohama for 3 years in Negishi. My father was in the military. I loved it out there and I really hope to get back there one day.

I hope to stop by again! Keep up the good work!

maggie said...

Wow! Thanks Heather, Tannasee and Tiffany for your comments!
Oh, I love butter, too. I want to do to exercise but simply have no time unless my daughter sleeps.
Tannasee's recipe sounds good to me, I feel like trying.
Tiffany, you used to live in Yokohama!?. My aunty-in-law used to live just next to the U.S. military quarters in Negishi and made dresses for the neighbours like your familiy. I used to walk around Negishi for housing tour of my boss(English guy). Negishi area is good for expats and I love there too. I am so happy to know someone who knows Yokohama.

Jas said...
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Jas said...

It sounds great and also very healthy.As you adviced, I really need to lose weight so please introduce healthy/low calolie dish again.
please take care.

maggie said...

Thank you Jas for your comment.
I will post some nonbutter recipe soon.