Thursday, December 25, 2008

Finally! The last class was over on Christmas day

Yeah!The last class was over.
From now on I'll have 10 days winter vacation.
There are so many on my wish list but I really do not know where to start.
At least I spent 25th morning alone to enjoy shopping.
What a nice feeling being alone and enjoy myself!
Some of my classmates even told me the same thing. Especially, mothers.
(In Japan, hiring baby sitter or nunnies are minor, unless you have
someone like parents or nice hubbie, having own time is difficult.)

This year the whole town seems quieter than usual Christmas
day, not so many people were town center than I expected.
I guess that the worst recession in post war hits Japan and
the economy is sharply going down. I never have a day to hear the news of
business restractures and cutting down the manpowers.
I am scared that the crime rate may increase.

Anyway I deserve(we all do!) just a little time to enjoy myself, right?
I painted my nails to have a good mood of Christmas and shifting my mind
to enjoy this relaxing moment.
Anyway, all the practical tests in this school year was over.
The rest I need to do is writing my first nursing plan based on
virtual patient (that's dry run for clinical in January)
, a report for "Social Science" and lyric making for music class
and preparing myself for the end term examination.
As for me, painting my nails used to be a part of the uniform when
I worked for an airline and it is the pleasure and fun part of the job,too.
And I still like it, especially after banning in the nursing school and
medical field in Japan. I am a little rebellious today, huh!

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