Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lunch Box

I've been so busy lately 'cos the day after our class will have Bedbath practical test.
The class starts 13:30 but in the morning, I brush up my skill to pass the test.
So I bring a lunch box like this everyday.
I do hope we all pass the test so that we can go to our first clinical session for a week.


Heather said...

That looks good! Good luck on the bedbath!

maggie said...

Oh, Heather! The last practical test in this semester finished yesterday! Yey!!!! I finally had good sleep last night. The result is unknown yet, but I guess I get pass mark according to the spot feedback from the instructor right after the test.I did my best to practice and I was able to follow the basic rules and principles. Besides, I try to send my warmth of my heart!? Somehow, my partner gave me a good feedback that my communication skill was good and the water temperature in the basin was hot enough and scrubbing was very smooth to make her feel relaxing. Thanks to my partner, even partner did not mind to take off her bra and she created
the situation so close to the clinical. If I will get the good mark, it would be part of her effort as well. (I heared some of our classmated played the role ofa patient with bra or bathing suits so that the nurse was not able to complete the bed bath properly and got poor mark).I found that one of the good things in nursing school is that many mates are always ready to give. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to me. (While I worked in office, I never feel this way and I felt people are rather cold and helpless.)Otherwise, I probably will gone without knowing there are so many good and warm people in this world.