Monday, December 8, 2008

Music for this time of the year!

Every year of this time, I feel like listening
some of the music, particularly the album
from Windhamhill Records "A Winter's Solstice "
and Amy Grant " A Christmas Album" posted
on this site.
The Amy's album I used to have one as a cassette tape and I lost it
somewhere. I really missed the first song of the album
" Tennessee Christmas".
Actually, after I tried some of the songs introduced in "Nursapalooza"blog (thank you Heather!), I start missing the album.
So...I bouught it through Amazon, togherther with a paperback
" Chicken Soup for the Nurse's soul".
I once wondered what kind of book is "Chicken Soup series"when I first saw the book read by a front desk lady in my Hong Kong apartment gate.
A Winter's Solstice is one of my favorite Windham Records album,
I love acoustic guiter sound and piano of the first song of the album,"Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring". I feeling buying a memory stick for music to listen while I commute in the train to the school. Well...I have to save some for my daughter's Santa gift.


Heather said...

I have that album (yes album!) and CD, I love it. Aaaaaaaaaaand, I have that book! I read it in one day, it's really good. Enjoy the season!

maggie said...

Wow, what a coincident!
Schools in the States seems to have holiday mood. How nice!
Our school will have class even on Christmas day...
What a pity.
Never mind, I should enjoy every moment!
Enjoy your holiday!