Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The last P.E. class-valleyball

Today our class had the last physical education class.
Like other nursing school, P.E. class is compulsory, though I took one
in my college more than 20 years ago.
I am not athlete type so I'm not good at playing with balls.
I love dancing and swimming but not with balls.
But I guess that the school aims at communication or let us stress
out with sports, so the teacher decided to do some games with balls.
I had hated to play with balls when I was a high school student, 'cos
I hit the ball then the ball always gone to somewhere not supposed to.
But now I enjoyed to yelling and shouting for the game and the players.
Funny... I yelled in English though I only spoke in Japanese in school.
I even said "Aiyah..." to show my disappointment and it came out from
my mouth naturally. When I was in Hong Kong and worked with Chinese
people, the exclamatory sound "Aiyah!" was here and there.
I had used "Aiyah!" very often then. But not now.
After "Aiyah!" sounds came out , my classmates could not help laughing
and told me " You represent what we all feel and kept it in our heart!"
Me? Yes, everyone in my team always wondered some did not touch ball
in a game or even did not move and try to pick the ball.
Funny again, those teens are not so active and didnot even try.
People around 40 and late 30's try very hard to pick the ball.
Anyway, I did'nt know today was our last class till the end and
I excited most and I enjoyed most. I felt a bit sad afterwards.
Because... most of us has work in the morning and 80% of our class is single
mom's and busy.
Seems like this is the good chance to knowing each other.
Anyway, tomorrow we have a university hospital visit to see dissections.
I heard that the smell of formalin is really strong.
I'd better sleep now 'cos I am so sensitive to strong ordor or smell.

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